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How much will you pay for a DWI?

At the end of a long week, you like to go out with your friends to the local bar. After a few beers, you decide to turn in and head home. But now you have had some alcohol and you should reconsider driving yourself home. You might think you can make it since it is not too far, but the consequences of getting a DWI charge are severe.

If you are charged with a DWI, you could face many consequences, some of which are financial.

How is drug addiction treated?

If you or a loved one suffers from a drug addiction, you may be in search of treatment options. Receiving treatment for substance abuse in New York is essential to the long-term recovery process and may even be mandated if you’re facing legal reprisal because of your actions. The National Institute on Drug Abuse offers the following information on your treatment options if you suffer from a drug addiction.

Treatment Options

How can I prevent a home break-in?

Home robberies are a terrifying prospect to residents of New York. That’s why preventing them from occurring is so important. While not all robberies entail violence, you don’t want to risk you and your family’s lives to the whims of a dangerous criminal. Accordingly, home security company ADT offers the following advice to help keep your home safe.

Make Sure Your Home Is Secure

What is criminal mischief?

Applying the term "criminal mischief" to a charge may seem to suddenly make an offense extremely open-ended (after all, all criminal activity could be considered mischief). Thus, if you have been charged with it, it may be worth your while to understand the exact legal definition associated with it. This may help you to better comprehend exactly how your alleged offense lines up with the law, what penalties you might be facing, and how you may best challenge such charges. 

The New York Penal Code classifies criminal mischief as the intentional destruction of another's property. It is broken down into four different degrees, with fourth degree criminal mischief including: 

  • Damaging the property of another person
  • Participating in the damaging or destruction of an abandoned building 
  • Causing up to $250 in property damage
  • Intentionally damaging telephonic or TTY communication equipment to prevent another from communicating with the police or fire departments, or emergency medical services. 

Searches and seizures prove legal with probable cause

To protect the privacy and the rights of individuals' property, the Fourth Amendment makes it illegal for police officers to conduct unreasonable searches and seizures. However, in some instances, citizens prove subject to searching of their vehicles without a warrant if probable cause exists.

Understand the exceptions to your rights during a New York traffic stop.

Protecting you from all threats

At Villarini & Henry, L.L.P., we are serious about the way we protect our clients from harm. Sometimes, this entails our defending them against unconstitutional charges wrought by overzealous New York prosecutors and police forces. However, we also do our best to nullify even the threats that exist besides a criminal conviction — and before the court procedures begin. 

One of the first things we often do when we consider taking on a new violent crime case is to perform research. We do this for many reasons, not the least of which is that this effort sometimes uncovers glaring errors on behalf of the prosecution. A successful discovery of this nature could potentially help us persuade prosecutors to drop charges.

What are considered violent crimes?

Almost any crime in New York can be looked at as violent in some way. Even if it didn’t physically harm you, if you are crime victim, it can leave you feeling violated and unsafe. However, there are only specific offenses that are actually classified as violent crimes for legal purposes, as explained by the FBI. These crimes are the most offensive and those that cause severe physical harm to victims. Once you see what they are, it is easier to see why they are considered violent.

There are four specific crimes that fall under this category. They are forcible rape, robbery, murder and nonnegligent manslaughter and aggravated assault. Each of these crimes incorporates force or a threat of violence in their commission. They are categorized as such under the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

How to spot a possible Ponzi scheme

An investment offer arrives in the mail that claims to provide the recipient guaranteed finanical returns. If it sounds too good to be true, it very likely is. As USA Today points out, even top flight investors will experience significant downturns at some point on their investments. If an investor can guarantee consistent positive returns, that investor may be engaging in a Ponzi scheme designed to lure in people from New York and throughout the country.

A Ponzi scheme is designed to enrich the people at the top while defrauding those who feed into the scheme. The crooks behind a Ponzi scheme seek to continuously add new investors so they can pocket the cash while paying off an earlier row of investors who are waiting for their money. However, a Ponzi scheme is not a true investment based on market principles and can collapse, to the detriment of those who invested in it.

What can I expect when charged with a DWI?

If you’ve recently been charged with a DWI in New York, you’re probably experiencing a great deal of stress. In this case, knowing what to expect is of the utmost importance to get through the experience relatively unscathed. offers the following information to help you understand just what will happen after a DWI.

Court Appearance

Handling DWI charges as a parent

Drunk driving charges can make life incredibly tough for people in a variety of positions, whether the charges interfere with their job or lead to time behind bars and a shattered reputation. For some people, such as parents, these allegations can be especially damaging. For example, a parent's relationship with his or her child may suffer as a result of DWI charges in different ways. Sometimes, a child may be upset with their parent, while other relationships suffer because a parent is sentenced to prison and misses out on part of their child's life.

There are other serious considerations for some parents who are facing DWI charges, such as those who are going through a dispute involving the custody of their children. Drunk driving charges can adversely affect a parent's custody case and may lead to a less favorable arrangement. Moreover, drunk driving charges can be incredibly stressful, which can be particularly challenging for parents who may already be facing high levels of stress due to raising their children.


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