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Workers’ Compensation
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Advocating For Workers In New York

Workers’ compensation is mandated by the government and carried out by private insurers. Employers, including professional sports teams, pay premiums to insurance companies, which in turn pay out benefits to people injured on the job. Were you injured while playing professional sports or at any workplace in one of these ways or some other way?

  • A slip-and-fall accident on stairs, on a slippery or uneven surface or caused by tripping over debris
  • A burn injury caused by a fire, explosion or exposure to a dangerous substance
  • An accident involving dangerous or defective machinery, equipment or power tools
  • Repetitive stress, strain or lifting injury affecting knees, shoulders, hands or your back
  • Blunt force injury caused by a collapsing wall or surface, falling debris or falling merchandise
  • Assault
  • Professional sports injuries

Most likely, your employer paid workers’ compensation insurance on your behalf without collecting a portion of the premium from you. After an injury, you should get first aid or medical treatment, report the accident to your supervisor and file a workers’ compensation claim.

Many injured athletes and other varieties of employees attempt to file workers’ compensation claims without the help of an attorney. This approach may be successful in some cases, but in many other cases, injured athletes and other workers encounter obstacles such as the following:

  • The workers’ compensation carrier attempts to force an injured worker to be evaluated and treated by a doctor selected by the insurer rather than allowing the worker to be treated by his or her own doctor.
  • The insurance carrier may deny your claim for compensation.
  • The insurance carrier may declare that you are ready to go back to work.
  • When you do attempt to return to work, you may discover that your employer eliminated your job, replaced you or demoted you.
  • The insurance carrier may claim that your injury was caused by or worsened by a pre-existing condition.

Attorneys from Villarini & Henry, L.L.P., represent clients at hearings brought by the workers’ compensation board or before a workers’ compensation law judge. Medical reports and other evidence are critical factors in the decision to declare an injured worker entitled to benefits. If a claim is denied before the board, an appeal may be brought before a panel of three board members. Our New York workers’ compensation attorneys represent clients through this phase and if necessary, can take cases to the appellate division of the Supreme Court of the state of New York.

Buffalo Work Injury Attorneys Represent Injured Workers In Workers’ Comp Cases

Discuss your professional sports injury or other workplace injuries, as well as medical care that you received or need and related issues with an experienced attorney at Villarini & Henry, L.L.P..

Contact us. Please note that by law, we cannot collect fees from you ahead of time when we represent you in a workers’ compensation case or appeal. Our attorney fees will come as a percentage of the total when the case is completed.