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White Collar Crime Archives

Could prosecutors serve my family member a subpoena?

For most New York residents, a subpoena is nothing more than a vague concept: a piece of paper that summons people to testify in court. The reality is that were you to be accused of a crime, many of the people you know or the organizations with which you are affiliated could be bound by these documents to provide testimony or evidence against you. 

Understanding the basics of tax evasion penalties

With tax return season fresh behind most Americans, one common concern involves mistakes. The many details involved in filing taxes can naturally make it difficult to spot a slip-up. Because these details are vital, however, just one wrong move could come with many repercussions. Although New York has considered taking lighter steps around white collar crimes in recent years, there are nevertheless a number of legal facts to keep in mind.

What is white-collar crime?

The term “white-collar” crime was first used in 1939 at a meeting of sociologists to describe acts or crimes that a person with a high social status commits through his or her job. Today it is used in Buffalo and throughout the U.S. to describe nonviolent crimes committed for financial gain.


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