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Calls to ban tramadol within professional sports

According to most athletes, performance-enhancing drugs have no place in the world of professional sports. However, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge which drugs can be used reasonably and which are responsible for boosting performance. Tramadol, a strong painkiller used by many athletes, is the latest to be called into question, both for its performance enhancement as well as it’s addictive qualities.

Workers' compensation and your sports-related injury

Being part of a professional athletic team in New York is an accomplishment that you have trained for since your earliest days. The time, money and resources that you have poured into strengthening your talent have put you in a pivotal spot where you have an incredible influence to support your franchise by contributing to a strong team. At Villarini & Henry, L.L.P., we represent athletes who may have received injuries stemming from their involvement in professional sports. 

What is CTE?

It has been something that has been getting more attention in the news media in New York and around the country. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, according to the Mayo Clinic, is a condition caused by repeated head injuries. It is a rare condition but is often found in athletes, specifically in contact sports, such as football.


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