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What is substantive due process?

When you face criminal charges in New York, you have certain rights guaranteed to you under the U.S. Constitution. Specifically, the 14th Amendment and the right to due process. This basically means that legal authorities will uphold your rights when pursuing you for a crime. There is a related concept that is often argued about by legal professionals called substantive due process.

What is arson?

Arson is considered a very serious crime, with most states categorizing it as a felony offense. Not only can it destroy property, it can also take lives in the process. explains the different elements of arson and how perpetrators of this crime are usually punished by the law.

What is criminal mischief?

Applying the term "criminal mischief" to a charge may seem to suddenly make an offense extremely open-ended (after all, all criminal activity could be considered mischief). Thus, if you have been charged with it, it may be worth your while to understand the exact legal definition associated with it. This may help you to better comprehend exactly how your alleged offense lines up with the law, what penalties you might be facing, and how you may best challenge such charges. 

How are theft, robbery and burglary different from each other?

If you face New York robbery, theft or burglary charges, possibly you do not know the differences between these property crimes or understand why law enforcement officers charged you with one instead of another. FindLaw explains that while theft, robbery and burglary are somewhat similar, they nevertheless are distinct crimes for which the prosecutor must prove different things when attempting to convict you.

Potential lifelong consequences of vandalism convictions

Any violation of the law in New York tends to carry extreme consequences for the perpetrator if it leads to a conviction. However, we often see our clients initially underestimating just how much a criminal conviction might affect their futures. At Villarini & Henry, L.L.P., we make it our first priority to inform clients of the short-term and long-term ramifications of any judgment a court might make against them, regardless of the perceived severity of the infraction in question.

Defining acts of vandalism

Some New York residents may think that graffiti is not a big deal. They may not realize, though, that this is considered vandalism. Vandalism can come in many forms and it is important for people to recognize this, as well as understand the consequences of these acts.


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