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What tests are used to determine sobriety during a stop?

If you’re pulled over while driving in the state of New York, you may be given a field sobriety test. These tests are used to determine whether you’re driving while inebriated and may be given in conjunction with a breathalyzer (which calculates your blood alcohol concentration). offers some insight into the standard tests utilized during a DWI stop.

Different factors affect your ability to metabolize alcohol

If you get pulled over for suspicion of driving intoxicated in New York, you will be asked to perform a serious of tests. If you fail them and are convicted of a DWI, you can face serious and long-term consequences. Many drivers wonder how many drinks it takes before they have had too much to drive. Unfortunately there is not one correct answer because a variety of factors affect how your body processes the alcohol. Because of this, it is always the smartest decision not to drive if you have had even a couple of drinks.

What are the treatment options for an alcohol addiction?

If you’ve recently been convicted of a DWI in New York, you probably have a lot more on your mind than just legal issues. You might also be concerned about getting treatment for an alcohol addiction, which can result in trouble with the law as well as many other negative effects. There are a number treatment options available, as illustrated by WebMD below.

What can I expect when charged with a DWI?

If you’ve recently been charged with a DWI in New York, you’re probably experiencing a great deal of stress. In this case, knowing what to expect is of the utmost importance to get through the experience relatively unscathed. offers the following information to help you understand just what will happen after a DWI.

Handling DWI charges as a parent

Drunk driving charges can make life incredibly tough for people in a variety of positions, whether the charges interfere with their job or lead to time behind bars and a shattered reputation. For some people, such as parents, these allegations can be especially damaging. For example, a parent's relationship with his or her child may suffer as a result of DWI charges in different ways. Sometimes, a child may be upset with their parent, while other relationships suffer because a parent is sentenced to prison and misses out on part of their child's life.

How reliable are breathalyzers?

In New York, DUI-related crimes are treated very seriously. To many people, failing a breathalyzer test is a sure sign that you'll end up facing harsh consequences. Villarini & Henry, L.L.P., suggest against refusing to take a breath analysis test no matter how tempting it may be. Instead, you can focus on the potential errors that breathalyzer tests can give.

Can a legal drug get me a DWI?

You may take medication every day without a thought to how it might affect you when you get behind the wheel. Some drugs may not come with a warning about their effects on driving, while with others the warning could be confusing. Your medication may not have any noticeable impairing side effects unless you combine it with another medicine or supplement, or you might not have previously had any side effects, only to be taken by surprise. For these and other reasons, New York drivers may find themselves facing DWI charges when they least expected them.

Looking into underage DWI charges

For someone who is charged with drunk driving, the challenges that lie ahead can be very difficult and this is especially true for someone who is underage. Whether you are a teen who was recently pulled over for driving under the influence or your child has found themselves in this position, underage DWI charges can lead to a significant amount of uncertainty and stress about the future. From the loss of driving privileges, which can interfere with school and employment, to problems later on (college, applying for jobs, etc.), underage DWI charges can be problematic for years ahead. As a result, it is crucial to handle these allegations properly and understand what your options are, especially since so much is at stake.

Why should I hire an attorney for a DWI charge?

Looking back, you realize that hanging out and drinking with your friends in the Hamburg area would not have been such a bad idea if you had not got behind the steering wheel afterward. Now that you have a DWI charge, you might be wondering how you can keep the situation from getting worse. Not doing anything about the charge you face leaves you at a big disadvantage. The consequences of a DWI conviction are severe, expensive and can affect your life for many decades to come. 


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