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Alcohol is not the only cause of DUI

When it comes to the idea of driving under the influence, most New York residents imagine a driver who had too much to drink at a bar or party. However, DWIs and DUIs cover a wide variety of situations. Driving under the influence simply means that the driver is not fully able to focus and navigate carefully behind the wheel.

RICO: Understanding RICO Act crimes and charges

The Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act of 1970 changed the prosecution of organized crime. The RICO Act is a list of 35 crimes, 27 federal crimes and eight state crimes. It creates civil and criminal penalties for people or organizations engaging in patterns of criminal activity. RICO is also used in complex white collar charges.

Understanding 5 common examples of white-collar crime

When most people think of white-collar crime, they think of large-scale crimes undertaken by high-ranking bankers and other powerful finance industry professionals. This impression is not necessarily wrong, but it is a bit inaccurate. White-collar crime can in fact occur in many different industries, on many different scales.


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