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November 2018 Archives

How can I prevent drinking and driving?

Many holiday parties feature great food along with alcoholic beverages. While you want to ensure you and others have a great time, you should also keep in mind the dangers of drinking and driving so you can avoid these problematic behaviors. State Farm offers the following tips in this case, so you can make this holiday season a safe one.

How does a court judge trademark infringement?

Since trademarks help provide recognition for businesses and corporations in New York, it is in your best interest to protect your trademark if you suspect another party is using a trademark that is so similar to yours that your clients may confuse it for the one you own. If you take the infringing party to court, a judge will look over a number of factors to determine if the other party is guilty of infringement.

Calls to ban tramadol within professional sports

According to most athletes, performance-enhancing drugs have no place in the world of professional sports. However, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge which drugs can be used reasonably and which are responsible for boosting performance. Tramadol, a strong painkiller used by many athletes, is the latest to be called into question, both for its performance enhancement as well as it’s addictive qualities.


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