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July 2018 Archives

What is criminal mischief?

Applying the term "criminal mischief" to a charge may seem to suddenly make an offense extremely open-ended (after all, all criminal activity could be considered mischief). Thus, if you have been charged with it, it may be worth your while to understand the exact legal definition associated with it. This may help you to better comprehend exactly how your alleged offense lines up with the law, what penalties you might be facing, and how you may best challenge such charges. 

Protecting you from all threats

At Villarini & Henry, L.L.P., we are serious about the way we protect our clients from harm. Sometimes, this entails our defending them against unconstitutional charges wrought by overzealous New York prosecutors and police forces. However, we also do our best to nullify even the threats that exist besides a criminal conviction — and before the court procedures begin. 

What are considered violent crimes?

Almost any crime in New York can be looked at as violent in some way. Even if it didn’t physically harm you, if you are crime victim, it can leave you feeling violated and unsafe. However, there are only specific offenses that are actually classified as violent crimes for legal purposes, as explained by the FBI. These crimes are the most offensive and those that cause severe physical harm to victims. Once you see what they are, it is easier to see why they are considered violent.

How to spot a possible Ponzi scheme

An investment offer arrives in the mail that claims to provide the recipient guaranteed finanical returns. If it sounds too good to be true, it very likely is. As USA Today points out, even top flight investors will experience significant downturns at some point on their investments. If an investor can guarantee consistent positive returns, that investor may be engaging in a Ponzi scheme designed to lure in people from New York and throughout the country.


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