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What can I expect when charged with a DWI?

If you’ve recently been charged with a DWI in New York, you’re probably experiencing a great deal of stress. In this case, knowing what to expect is of the utmost importance to get through the experience relatively unscathed. offers the following information to help you understand just what will happen after a DWI.

Handling DWI charges as a parent

Drunk driving charges can make life incredibly tough for people in a variety of positions, whether the charges interfere with their job or lead to time behind bars and a shattered reputation. For some people, such as parents, these allegations can be especially damaging. For example, a parent's relationship with his or her child may suffer as a result of DWI charges in different ways. Sometimes, a child may be upset with their parent, while other relationships suffer because a parent is sentenced to prison and misses out on part of their child's life.

Can you facilitate the process of healing from a drug addiction?

One of your close friends has recently made the decision to seek professional help to overcome a debilitating drug addiction. You have spent a lot of time encouraging this friend to make necessary changes and develop a healthier, more positive lifestyle. Now that your friend is receiving professional treatment in New York, you are wondering what else you can do to facilitate the process and be a support to your healing friend. 

Could prosecutors serve my family member a subpoena?

For most New York residents, a subpoena is nothing more than a vague concept: a piece of paper that summons people to testify in court. The reality is that were you to be accused of a crime, many of the people you know or the organizations with which you are affiliated could be bound by these documents to provide testimony or evidence against you. 

How are theft, robbery and burglary different from each other?

If you face New York robbery, theft or burglary charges, possibly you do not know the differences between these property crimes or understand why law enforcement officers charged you with one instead of another. FindLaw explains that while theft, robbery and burglary are somewhat similar, they nevertheless are distinct crimes for which the prosecutor must prove different things when attempting to convict you.

How reliable are breathalyzers?

In New York, DUI-related crimes are treated very seriously. To many people, failing a breathalyzer test is a sure sign that you'll end up facing harsh consequences. Villarini & Henry, L.L.P., suggest against refusing to take a breath analysis test no matter how tempting it may be. Instead, you can focus on the potential errors that breathalyzer tests can give.


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